Liste des oeuvres de l'artiste Jiayi LIU

Jiayi Liu (1994- ) is a contemporary Chinese painter. Liu has started painting at a young age. She has created and displayed countless characters in her paintings. These characters not only include a number of ancient immortals in the classical scriptures, peoples in her daily life, but also some exaggerated and cute cartoon characters. Therefore she forms her unique painting style. Her series Existence has been invited to many well-known exhibitions at home and abroad, adored by specialists and the public.

Liu’s work was selected for three consecutive years by “Le Salon des Artiste indépendants” and “Salon Dessin & Peinture à l’Eau” at the ART CAPITAL International Fortune Art Salon Joint Exhibition of the Grand Palais National Museum in Paris, France. Liu has been selected as the lifelong member of French Independent Artist Salon. Her works have been selected by the French International Autumn Salon for many times, and the exhibition catalog has been collected by the National Library of France. In 2021, she was recommended to the Biennale of Rambouillet, France, and won the "Young Artist Award" at the Biennale under the age of 35. In 2023, she joined the membership of French Artists Salon. At present, Liu’s works have been collected by many collectors from different countries.

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