Liste des oeuvres de l'artiste Xiaobei YUAN

Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Created illustrations for magazines such as Window of South Wind,Contracted artists of Artron (, Currently residing in Zhuhai, freelance illustrator.

Artistic Concepts: I have built a fantasy park in my works. In this world, animals can walk freely, fish grow feet, people fly in the sky, and trees grow on the clouds. Everything seems absurd and illogical, but it is very harmonious and natural. They are not utopia, at best they are just colorful soap bubbles. "They" in the works have their own unique time and space atmosphere.The Western art masters I admire include Hieronymus Bosch, Giorgio de Chirico,Marc Chagall, Salvador Dail, and others, from whom I have drawn the nourishment of art. On the other hand, the works of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami are another source of inspiration for me. For example, the "exit" and "entrance" he mentioned many times in his works are similar to a kind of "field" beyond time and space, and these concepts coincide with my creations by chance.I put these unique concepts of time and space into my work, which is the core of my work. 

People often ask me whether these various images in my works have specific meanings to express. In fact, whether it is an angel wearing a beak mask, a flying bird, a faceless girl sleeping in the air, and so on, I didn't say that I would give them a different image when I created them, but they seem to be able to throw themselves into it and create a world. But there must be more or less "me" in it. Take the masked figure for example, I think it is because I am not good at speaking and not confident. Sometimes I wear a mask just because I lack a sense of security. I also like painting big trees, probably because I like the huge sense of inclusiveness and security brought by the forest. 

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